Administrative and Program Enrichment

Strives to enhance the research environment in San Antonio and the South Texas region, while extending its services and programs across the country.

Aging Animal and Functional Assessment

Central to the principal objective of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center: to facilitate development and characterization of mammalian models in which aging has been delayed in order to identify the causes of aging.

Analytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation

Serves investigators in the fields of aging and age-related diseases nationwide. The services and expertise we provide help investigators at all stages of their careers, from early stage to senior scientists.


Supports the overall mission of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center to enable research that aims to expand our understanding of mechanisms of aging and of age-associated disease.


Age-related pathology increases exponentially with advancing age and is largely responsible for age-related morbidity as well as mortality.

Research Development

Seeks to expand the scope of research in the basic biology of aging at the university and other institutions in the San Antonio community and to assist in the development of investigators new to the field of aging research for the future needs of biological gerontology.