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The services and expertise we provide help investigators at all stages of their careers, from early stage to senior scientists. Using these services can provide preliminary data or cost-effective access to expertise. Core services can also be crucial to established investigators new to aging research, to overcome bottlenecks and to encourage new areas of research.

Core Services Offered:

  • Developing and validating bioanalytical assays for drugs and small molecules.
  • Designing and creating usable, effective dosage forms.
  • Measuring and confirming concentrations and stability of drugs in dosage forms.
  • Quantifying and confirming drug concentrations in blood and tissues.
  • Informing investigators on the process of dosage form development.
  • Recommending pharmacologic approaches, such as level/timing of doses in studies.
  • Proposing and justifying pharmacokinetic experiments if needed
  • Assisting in interpretation of data and preparation of papers and grants