Providing Unique Research Services to Advance Our Understanding of the Biology of Aging

For nearly two decades, the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center has been providing core services to meet the current needs of the geroscience community. Directed by leaders in mammalian and invertebrate aging research, we offer technical services and expertise in several critical areas in the biology of aging.

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Latest News

15 Feb 2019 Congratulations to Dr. Randy Strong on his VA Merit Review Award

Dr. Strong received a VA Merit Review Award, title: Detoxification of Biogenic Aldehydes in Parkinson’s Disease – $650,000.

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14 Dec 2018 Congratulations to Dr. Veronica Galvan, President-Elect-Elect of AGE

Dr. Galvan has been recently elected as President-Elect-Elect of the American Aging Association (AGE)! She will be organizing the

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Latest Publications

Congratulations to Dr. Veronica Galvan for her publication in Science Translational Medicine

Rapamycin and Alzheimer’s disease: Time for a clinical trial? Kaeberlein M, Galvan V Sci Transl Med. 2019 Jan 23;11(476).

Congratulations to Dr. Adam Salmon for his publication in the American Journal of Primatology

Long-term treatment with the mTOR inhibitor rapamycin has minor effect on clinical laboratory markers in middle-aged marmosets. Sills AM,