Cardiac and Cardiovascular Function

Cardiac Parameters


Rationale: Measures of cardiac function in mice and naked mole-rats.

Instrument: Vevo 2100 (22-55 MHz Probe – MS550D) High-Resolution in vivo Imaging System (Visual Sonics).

Measures: Echocardiograph assessments, through live imaging visualization, as well as the assessment and measurement of anatomical structures and hemodynamic function are performed in anesthesized animals.

Data Inference: The system includes pulsed wave Doppler to measure blood flow velocity and waveform. We record multiple windows of both long and short axis views. In addition, this provides a means to pull up serial echocardiographic measurements in the same mouse and perform overlays for determining whether relative changes in chamber size or function have occurred.

Controls: Mostly in anesthetized animals but we have measured cardiac function in unanesthetized hand restrained naked mole-rats