Cardiac and Cardiovascular Function

IPAC provides services to measure cardiac function in mice.

Instrument: Vevo 2100 (22-55 MHz Probe – MS550D) High-Resolution in vivo Imaging System (Visual Sonics).

Measures: B-mode and M-mode Echocardiograph assessments, through live imaging visualization, of cardiac function.  Measured parameters of cardiac function including heart rate, diastolic/systolic interventricular septal wall thickness (IVSd and IVSs); diastolic/systolic left ventricular posterior wall thickness (LVPWd and LVPWs); diastolic/systolic left ventricular internal dimension (LVIDd and LVIDs), diastolic/systolic left ventricular volume, left ventricular fractional shortening (FS), and left ventricular ejection fraction (EF). Measures are performed in anesthesized animals.


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Citations: Nathan Shock users of this core facility should cite the support of the Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging Grant (AG13319) and the Integrated Physiology of Aging Core in all publications related to the work performed by this shared resource.

Publication: Users should inform us of grants and publications that use data from studies performed at the Core.



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Yuguang Shi, PhD
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