Integrated Physiology of Aging Core

Core Leader: Nicolas Musi, MD
Core Co-Leader: Veronica Galvan, PhD
Core Co-Leader: Elizabeth Fernandez, PhD

The Integrated Physiology of Aging Core supports the overall mission of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center to enable research that aims to expand our understanding of mechanisms of aging and of age-associated disease. The Core will provide intellectual and instrumental/technical services to the scientific community on the selection and performance of functional assays in rodents that aim to increase our knowledge about mechanisms that control age-related changes in function at the tissue, organ, and whole body levels, in the context of normal aging and in relation to age-related diseases. We provide expertise and assistance to investigators with an interest in aging-related questions in the design and execution, as well as data analysis and interpretation on experimental measures.

Please be aware that your Protocol must be amended for the service request. Please contact the Core Leaders for more information on protocol modification.

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