Primary Cell and Organotypic Culture

The Core generates and works with researchers on specific treatments relevant to the studies performed, with the following cultures:

Mice and Rats: Fibroblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells, vascular endothelial cells, neurons, astrocytes, mixed neuronal/glial cultures, neurospheres, and organotypic brain slice and skeletal muscle cultures.

Naked Mole-Rats: Fibroblasts (embryonic to 24 month-old), mixed neuronal cultures, neurospheres. Organotypic skeletal muscle cultures.

Marmosets: Fibroblasts.

  • Leica VT 1000S Vibratome


In vitro issue slice cultures can be prepared using this instrument. These cultures are useful for studying organ systems, only one step removed from in vivo studies, and allow for a higher degree of manipulation of the biological system. Fixed tissue can also be sectioned using this instrument for a variety of purposes.

  • Whole Muscle Incubation in vitro system and incubator

cellculture2 cellculture3

This system is used to measure glucose uptake in muscle as a response to stimulation including insulin and chemicals. Uptake is determined using deoxy-D-glucose, 2-[1,2-3H(N)]- and Mannitol, D-[1-14C]. Care is taken to maintain pH value of incubation buffer around 7.5 and ensure the integrity of muscle after dissection.