Bioanalytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core

Core Leader: Martin Javors, Ph.D.
Core Co-leader: Alfred Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.

The Bioanalytical Pharmacology Core seeks to facilitate the application of new and existing drugs to aging and age-related disease studies by investigators at UTHSCSA and nationwide. The core promotes this objective by offering (1) bioanalytical assays and pharmacologic expertise to optimize the form, dosage, and dosing frequency of drugs, and (2) lifespan and healthspan studies using C. elegans to conduct initial testing of new drugs or perform studies intended to test the in vivo actions of drugs.

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Core Services Offered:

  • Development of bioanalytical assays to quantify drugs in lab chow and animal blood/tissues.
  • Preliminary studies to determine appropriate blood/tissue levels of drugs and pharmacological endpoints.
  • ¬†Lifespan and healthspan studies to test drug interventions using the C. elegans model.
  • Drug mechanism studies using C. elegans mutants, RNAi, and transgenic strains.
  • Data interpretation and analysis.
  • Assistance with experimental design, manuscript preparation, and grant writing.