Bioanalytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core

Core Leader: Martin Javors, PhD

The Bioanalytical Pharmacology Core seeks to facilitate the application of new and existing drugs to aging and age-related disease studies by investigators at UTHSCSA and nationwide. The core promotes this objective by offering (1) bioanalytical assays and pharmacologic expertise to optimize the form, dosage, and dosing frequency of drugs, and (2) lifespan and healthspan studies using C. elegans to conduct initial testing of new drugs or perform studies intended to test the in vivo actions of drugs.

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Core Services Offered:

  • Develop validated bioanalytical assays for drugs used in aging studies.
  • Consult with investigators about dosing of drugs, appropriate dosage forms, incorporation of drugs into dosage forms, and confirmation of drug concentrations in dosage forms.
  • Consult concerning design of pharmacokinetic and equilibrium experiments to ensure intended delivery of drug to sites of pharmacodynamic action.
  • Perform pharmacokinetic experiments by measuring drug levels in blood and other tissues to establish the PK characteristics of drugs that inform effective dosing regimens that produce intended.
  • Quantify drug levels in tissues that are the site of pharmacodynamic effect to confirm that effective levels have been achieved.
  • Interpretation of results and assistance preparing manuscript and grants.