Aging Animal Models and Longevity Assessment Core

Core Leader: Jim Nelson, Ph.D.
Core Co-leader: Adam Salmon, Ph.D.

The Aging and Emerging Animal and Longevity Assessment Core plays a crucial role in helping investigators establish whether aging has been altered in their animal models.  The Core maintains and monitors aging colonies of new and established rodent models, determines longevity, and distributes these animals to investigators for basic research on aging as well as using nontraditional animal models to investigate cellular and molecular mechanisms that modulate the rate of aging.

Animal housing available in SPF and Helicobacter-free environments.

Please be aware that your Protocol must be amended for the service request. Please contact the Core Leaders for more information on protocol modification.

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Core Services Offered:

  • Breed and maintain new and established rodent models.
  • Conduct lifespan studies of genetically, nutritionally or pharmacologically manipulated models.
  • Data collection services that can include but are not limited to: body weight, food consumption, microchip, ear punch, qMRI, tail bleed, diet or water supplementation.
  • Provide animal models of exceptional biogerontological interest for baseline pilot studies.
  • Maintain research colonies and provide known age naked mole-rats and common marmosets.
  • Provide expertise, assistance and pilot study funding with the design of both in vivo and ex vivo studies using emerging models.
  • Procure, cryopreserve, and provide to investigators tissues, cells, and other samples (e.g., blood, plasma, bone marrow) from EBI species.