Introducing Our Newest Core: Bioanalytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core

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The important and significant discovery in 2009 that the drug rapamycin extended longevity in a mammal (BL6 mice) and that drugs can be used to study mechanisms of aging has required the development of early stage research design procedures to quantify the drug in lab chow, blood, and tissues to confirm the adequate delivery to sights of action. As a result, the Bioanalytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core is an integral new core added to the Nathan Shock Center of the Barshop Institute in 2014.

The addition of this Core provides two entirely new types of services to the existing Cores of our San Antonio Nathan Shock Center and to the services offered by the entire group of Nathan Shock Centers, the abilities to create and implement bioanalytical assays to ensure that drug dosing protocols are pharmacologically sound and to conduct rapid and cost effective, early-stage and mechanism focused studies in elegans. The design of the core was mindful of the emerging role that drug-based studies are playing in aging and age-related research both at our institution and nationwide.

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